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Caucasian Albania: Quiz


Question 1: Sasanian king Yazdegerd II passed an edict requiring all the Christians in his empire to convert to ________, fearing that Christians might ally with Roman Empire, which had recently adopted Christianity.

Question 2: The ________ rock inscription close to Boyukdash mountain in Gobustan, which mentions Legio XII Fulminata and centurion Lucius Julius Maximus, is the world's easternmost Roman evidence known.
Roman EmpireOld LatinVulgar LatinLatin

Question 3: They assumed a Persian title of Arranshah (i.e.the ________ of Arran, the Persian name of Albania).
IranMedesCyrus the GreatShah

Question 4: An incursion in this era was made by the ________ who between 134 and 136 attacked Albania, Media, and Armenia, penetrating as far as Cappadocia.
ScythiansSarmatiansAlansIranian peoples

Question 5: The ________ circulated in Caucasian Albania till the end of the 3rd century AD.
Roman EmpireRoman Republican currencyAncient RomeRoman currency

Question 6: [33] As testified by Kamilla Trever, Pompey reached the Albanian border at ________.
NakhchivanQazakh RayonBakuAzerbaijan

Question 7: Ancient chronicles provide the names of several peoples that populated these districts, including the regions of ________ and Utik.
ArtsakhCordueneSyunik ProvinceVaspurakan

Question 8: Facing the threat of the Arab invasion on the south and the ________ offensive on the north, Javanshir had to recognize the caliph's suzerainty.
JewsKhazarsAshkenazi JewsAntisemitism

Question 9: James Darmesteter, translator of the ________, compared Arran with Airyana Vaego[11] which he also considered to have been in the Araxes-Ararat region[12], although modern theories tend to place this in the east of Iran.

Question 10: According to a quite reasonable hypothesis, Caucasian Albania was incorporated in the ________[19].
Achaemenid EmpireMedesSeleucid EmpireSassanid Empire


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