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Cattleya: Quiz


Question 1: This was the type species for the now defunct genus ________[3]

Question 2: Cattleya (pronounced /ˈkætliː.ə/)[1] is a genus of 42 species of orchids from ________ to tropical South America.
MexicoDominican RepublicCosta RicaNicaragua

Question 3: They are widely known for their large, showy ________, and were used extensively in hybridization for the cut-flower trade until quite recently.
FlowerSeedFlowering plantFruit

Question 4: The genus was named in 1824 by John Lindley after ________, who received and successfully cultivated specimens of Cattleya labiata that were used as packing material in a shipment of other orchids.

Question 5: In 2008, the genus ________ was merged into Cattleya,[2] adding the following species (some of which belong to the genus Sophronitis sensu MM, and many of which belong to the genus Laelia sensu MM:
Sophronitis coccineaSophronitis purpurataOrchidaceaeSophronitis

Question 6: Yamadara (Yam.): The cross of the Blc combination with an [________].

Question 7: ________ (Soph.): A tiny, flame-colored orchid that introduces the most intense red color to its descendants.


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