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Question 1: According to Buddhist texts, there was a Hindu sect taught to imitate a cow's acts for ________ to deva.

Question 2: According to ________, in the Rig Veda the cows sometimes symbolize "light" and "rays".
Sri AurobindoB. R. AmbedkarSwami VivekanandaKazi Nazrul Islam

Question 3: ________ is a religion related historically and religiously with Hinduism.

Question 4: The ghee (clarified ________) from the milk of a cow is used in ceremonies and in preparing religious food.
ButterSoybeanLardOlive oil

Question 5: The reverence for the cow played a role in the Indian Rebellion of 1857 against the ________.
Dutch East India CompanyEast India CompanyFrench East India CompanyChartered company

Question 6: Sacred No Longer: The suffering of cattle for the Indian leather trade, from ________
Animal liberation movementAdvocates for AnimalsGill LangleyGreat Ape Project

Question 7: Cattle are considered sacred in various world religions, most notably ________, but also Zoroastrianism and the religions of ancient Egypt and Greece.
HinduismIndian religionsAyyavazhiBuddhism

Question 8: In the ________, the cows figure frequently as symbols of wealth, and also in comparison with river goddesses, e.g.
RigvedaVedasPurusha suktaMahabharata

Question 9: "Pamela Anderson Lee Exposes Animal Cruelty in the International Leather Trade", from ________
Humane Society of the United StatesAnimal rightsPeople for the Ethical Treatment of AnimalsIngrid Newkirk

Question 10: Historically, even Krishna, one of the most revered forms of the Divine (________), tended cows.
VishnuHindu deitiesAvatarRama

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