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Cattle Egret: Quiz


Question 1: [47][48] In a rare instance they have been observed foraging along the branches of a ________ tree for ripe figs.
Ficus aureaFicus microcarpaBanyanFicus

Question 2: [19] Populations in southern India appear to show local migrations in response to the ________.
RainAsiaMonsoonSouth Asia

Question 3: [19] It was originally native to parts of Southern Spain and Portugal, tropical and subtropical ________ and humid tropical and subtropical Asia.
Scramble for AfricaAfricaAfrican UnionSub-Saharan Africa

Question 4: [19] In the ________, the breeding season of the subspecies B.i. seychellarum is April to October.

Question 5: [53] Birds of the Seychelles race also indulge in some kleptoparasitism, chasing the chicks of ________ and forcing them to disgorge food.
Sooty TernGreat FrigatebirdPacific OceanBridled Tern

Question 6: On islands with ________, it will prey on the eggs and chicks of terns and other seabirds.
Bird colonyBird nestAlbatrossStork

Question 7: The Cattle Egret is a popular bird with cattle ranchers for its perceived role as a ________ of cattle parasites such as ticks and flies.
PredationInsectBiological pest controlBee

Question 8: Since 1948 the Cattle Egret has been permanently resident in ________.
IsraelUnited StatesGreeceArmenia

Question 9: The Cattle Egret feeds on a wide range of prey, particularly insects, especially grasshoppers, crickets, flies (adults and maggots [46]), and moths, as well as spiders, frogs, and ________.

Question 10: [1] On the other hand the expansion and establishment of the species over large ranges has led it to be classed as an ________ (although little, if any impact has been noted yet).
ExtinctionIntroduced speciesBiodiversityInvasive species

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