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Question 1: ________ wore a sleeveless chiffon catsuit for a gatefold album photograph, and in concert.
Tom Jones (singer)Goldfinger (song)Shirley BasseyLulu (singer)

Question 2: ________ also once wore a black catsuit for the 2002 US Open.
Serena WilliamsMartina NavratilovaCara BlackVenus Williams

Question 3: Although many catsuits are made of spandex, that ________ was not invented until 1959.
WeavingTextile printingSilkTextile

Question 4: Rarely will a catsuit incorporate ________ or shoe, although it is possible.
Pump (shoe)Athletic shoeBootSandal

Question 5: Catsuits may also have incorporated ________ and/or neck corset, although these are typically added as accessories to complete a look.

Question 6: Invention of wetsuits ("Bradner took the first plunge in a neoprene wetsuit in the winter of 1950 at ________.")
Sierra Nevada (U.S.)Lake TahoeSacramento, CaliforniaDeath Valley

Question 7: These include lycra, chiffon, spandex, ________, latex, PVC, or velour.
LeatherWoolButtonLeather skirt

Question 8: An option instead of gloves might be bondage mittens, which might have a D-ring at the top, and such catsuits can be used as ________ in the context of bondage.
Adult diaperHealth careStraitjacketHospital

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