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Catholic Emancipation: Quiz


Question 1: Newfoundland had a significant population of Roman Catholics almost from its first settlement because ________, was the founding proprietor of the Province of Avalon on Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula.
Cecilius Calvert, 2nd Baron BaltimoreDavid KirkeJohn Guy (governor)George Calvert, 1st Baron Baltimore

Question 2: They also started to gain access to many middle-class professions from which they had been excluded, such as the ________, grand jurors, universities and the lower ranks of the army and judiciary.
ShariaLawyerLegal educationLaw

Question 3: The slowness of liberal reform between 1771 and 1829 led to much bitterness in Ireland which underpinned ________ until recent times.
Irish republicanismHome Rule Act 1914Northern IrelandIrish nationalism

Question 4: The dechristianization of ________ in 1790-1801, the anti-Catholic Kulturkampf in Germany in the 1870s and the progress of Jewish Emancipation present interesting comparisons of toleration at the European level.
ItalyUnited KingdomCanadaFrance

Question 5: The British Roman Catholic Relief Act 1791 was adopted by the ________ in 1792-93.
Penal Laws (Ireland)Kingdom of IrelandParliament of IrelandHistory of Ireland

Question 6: The granting of Catholic emancipation in Newfoundland was not as straightforward as it was for ________, and this question had a significant influence on the wider struggle for a legislature.
WalesNorthern IrelandIrish peopleIreland

Question 7: Non-conformists also suffered from discrimination at this time, but it was expected to be a consequence given the proportionately small number of Roman Catholics in the ________ as a whole.
United KingdomWalesEnglandCanada

Question 8: In Canada, British since 1763, the ________ of 1774 ended some restrictions on Catholics, so much so that it was criticized in the Congress of the Thirteen Colonies.
Stamp Act 1765Townshend ActsQuebec ActRestraining Acts 1775

Question 9: ________, the Prime Minister, had promised Emancipation to accompany the Act.
Henry Addington, 1st Viscount SidmouthSpencer PercevalWilliam Pitt the YoungerRobert Walpole

Question 10: Requirements to abjure the temporal and spiritual authority of the ________ and transubstantiation placed major burdens on Roman Catholics.
Catholic ChurchPopePope Benedict XVIPope John Paul II


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