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Cathode: Quiz


Question 1: This outward current is carried internally by positive ions moving from the ________ to the positive cathode (chemical energy is responsible for this "uphill" motion).
Half cellLead-acid batteryElectrolyteFuel cell

Question 2: An electrode through which current flows the other way (into the device) is termed an ________.
Galvanic cellCathodeBattery (electricity)Anode

Question 3: In vacuum tubes (including ________) it is the negative terminal where electrons flow in from the wiring and through the tube's near vacuum, constituting a positive current flowing out of the device.
Plasma displayLiquid crystal displayOrganic LEDCathode ray tube

Question 4: A cathode is an electrode through which ________ flows out of a polarized electrical device.
Magnetic fieldElectric chargeMaxwell's equationsElectric current

Question 5: Heated electrodes or ________, frequently called filaments, are much more common.
Vacuum tubeHot cathodeZirconiumYttrium

Question 6: In a discharging battery or a ________ the cathode is the positive terminal since that is where the current flows out of the device (see drawing).
Rechargeable batteryGalvanic cellAnodeBattery (electricity)

Question 7: In a ________, it is the negative terminal at the pointed end of the arrow symbol, where current flows out of the device.
Semiconductor deviceElectronic componentVacuum tubeDiode

Question 8: Hot electron emitters are also used as the electrodes in fluorescent lamps and in the source tubes of ________ machines.
Radiation therapyX-rayIonizing radiationNuclear fusion

Question 9: In a semiconductor ________, the cathode is the N–doped layer of the PN junction with a high density of free electrons as a result of doping, and an equal density of fixed positive charges, which are the dopants that have been thermally ionized.
DiodeLight-emitting diodeElectronic componentVacuum tube

Question 10: Cathodes used for ________ in vacuum tubes are called cold cathodes.
Electronic band structureQuantum mechanicsField electron emissionQuantum tunnelling


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