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Catherine Parr: Quiz


Question 1: After a year and a half, Mary's property was restored to her by an ________, easing the burden of the infant's household on the Duchess.
LawAct of ParliamentCommon lawLegal systems of the world

Question 2: She was queen consort of ________ in 1543–1547, then Dowager Queen of England.
United KingdomWalesEnglandScotland

Question 3:
When was Catherine Parr born?
ca. 1823
ca. 1650
ca. 570
ca. 1512

Question 4: She was the first Queen of England also to be Queen of Ireland following Henry's adoption of the title ________.
Elizabeth II of the United KingdomMonarchy of IrelandMonarchy of the United KingdomGeorge VI of the United Kingdom

Question 5:
When did Catherine Parr die?
October 1876

Question 6:

Question 7:
Who is Catherine Parr's mother?
Empress Xiao Gong Zhang
Lady Maud Green
Princess Pulcheria Sturdza
Georgina Lygon

Question 8:
How is Catherine Parr described?
United States Navy Navy Cross recipient
Queen Consort of Henry VIII
United States Army Medal of Honor recipient
American actor

Question 9:
Where did Catherine Parr die?

Question 10:

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