Cathedral: Quiz

Question 1: cathedra, "seat" from the Greek kathedra (καθέδρα), seat, bench, from kata "down" + hedra seat, base, chair) is a Christian church that contains the seat of a ________.

Question 2: In Germany and in ________, and in a few of the cathedral churches in the south of France, the provost was the ordinary head of the cathedral chapter, but the office was not common elsewhere.
Nordic countriesSwedenDenmark–NorwayScandinavia

Question 3: ________
IstanbulList of largest church buildings in the worldList of tallest churches in the worldList of longest church buildings in the world

Question 4: As with the title of primate, so also that of "patriarch" has been conferred on sees such as Venice and ________, the cathedral churches of which are patriarchal in name alone.

Question 5: In the Canon law of the ________ the relationship of the bishop to his cathedral is often compared to the relationship of a pastor to the parochial church.
Pope John Paul IICatholic ChurchPope Gregory IPope

Question 6: What does the following picture show?

  The Palace of the Bishops of Havelberg in Wittstock, Germany.
  São Paulo Cathedral, a representative modern cathedral built in Neo-Gothic style.
  Music is an important part of the cathedral services. Choir practice at York Minster, England.
  St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney has a typical cruciform plan.

Question 7: What does the following picture show?

  Aachen Cathedral, Germany, founded by Charlemagne in 800 AD, coronation place of the Holy Roman Emperor.
  Nidaros Cathedral, Norway, became Lutheran at the Reformation
  Chapter House of Oulu Cathedral, Finland
  Many cathedrals are pilgrimage destinations. Santiago de Compostela, is one of the most famous.

Question 8:
Who played Clara the movie Cathedral?
Jordan Rhodes
Mindi Logan
Eric Paisley
Mindi Logan

Question 9:
Who played Robert the movie Cathedral?
Jordan Rhodes
Mindi Logan
Eric Paisley
Nello Tare

Question 10: Some, like Budolfi Church which functions as the Lutheran cathedral of ________ in Denmark, are simply designated "church".

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