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Catalan language: Quiz


Question 1: An adjacent strip (La Franja) of ________, Spain, in particular the comarques of Ribagorça, Llitera, Baix Cinca, and Matarranya.
AragonCastile and LeónCataloniaAndalusia

Question 2: The official language academy of the ________ (the Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua) considers Catalan and Valencian simply to be two names for the same language.
AndalusiaValencian CommunityCataloniaSpain

Question 3: Paella, Valencian Catalan, via ________ paele, ultimately from Latin patella (small dish)[13]
Romance languagesEnglish languageFrench languageOld French

Question 4: [citation needed] The latest political controversy regarding Valencian occurred on the occasion of the drafting of the ________ in 2004.
Barroso CommissionEuropean UnionEuropean ParliamentTreaty establishing a Constitution for Europe

Question 5: The city of Alghero (l'Alguer) on ________, Italy.

Question 6: There are two ________—masculine and feminine.
Noun classGrammatical numberGrammatical genderInflection

Question 7: apertium.orgApertium (free software) translates text, documents or web pages, on-line or off-line, between Catalan and English, Aranese, Spanish, French, Occitan, Portuguese and ________
EsperantidoReformed EsperantoEsperanto grammarEsperanto

Question 8: Eivissenc (from ________ and Formentera, Eivissa in Catalan)
MinorcaIbizaMajorcaPalma, Majorca

Question 9: Northern Catalonia: Media Pluriel Survey commissioned by Prefecture of ________ done in October 1997 and published in January 1998 [5].

Question 10: A unique feature of Catalan is a definite article that may precede ________ in certain contexts.
Chinese nameIcelandic nameGiven namePersonal name


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