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Question 1: She is able to escape most restraints and handcuffs with minimal effort, and it is inferred that she is ________ as well as double jointed.
BaseballBasketballCincinnati RedsAmbidexterity

Question 2: She is also quite a ________, even being crowned a beauty queen during one of the Cat’s Eye cases.
Immanuel KantAestheticsPhysical attractivenessBeauty

Question 3: Cat's Eye first aired 36 episodes in 1983, made by ________ and directed by Yoshio Takeuchi.
Toei AnimationAnimaxTMS EntertainmentNippon Animation

Question 4: Ai has a spunky, tomboyish personality and demeanor, and has a genius-level ________ and is particularly adept in mechanics, computer programming and engineering.
IntelligenceIntelligence quotientHealth and intelligenceRace and intelligence

Question 5: Being a high school girl, she also has a pet tabby ________ called "Tiger".
Cat sensesCatKittenFeline viral rhinotracheitis

Question 6: She is a skilled martial artist with proficiency in a number of disciplines, most notably judo, boxing and karate, and also has degrees in kendo and ________.
Martial artsJujutsuAikidoHapkido

Question 7: The Cat's Eye cafe also appears in Hojo's later works, ________ and Angel Heart.
Dragon BallCity HunterSaint SeiyaCat's Eye (manga)

Question 8: Kazumi (和美?)
A girl from Ai's school who had taking a picture of Hitomi while shooting photographs of the moon with a ________.
F-numberFocal lengthTelephoto lensPerspective distortion (photography)

Question 9: Cat's Eye has also aired in a number of countries outside Japan, including ________, France, Germany, Italy, Philippines and China.
United KingdomBarbadosUnited StatesCanada

Question 10: They steal works of art (mostly paintings) that belonged to their long-missing father, Michael Heinz, who was a famous ________ during the Nazi regime), in the hopes of him contacting them.
MuseumCollection catalogCuratorCollection (museum)

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