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Question 1:
What classis does Cat belong to?

Question 2:
What is the subfamilia of Cat?

Question 3: [4] The earliest direct evidence of cat domestication is a kitten that was buried with its owner 9,500 years ago in ________.

Question 4:
What is the subclassis of Cat?

Question 5: [27] Indeed, their kidneys are so efficient that cats can survive on a diet consisting only of meat, with no additional water,[84] and can even rehydrate by drinking ________.
Ocean thermal energy conversionSeawaterSea levelCurrent sea level rise

Question 6: [69] About 250 heritable ________ have been identified in cats, many similar to human inborn errors.
Alport syndromeGenetic disorderAndrogen insensitivity syndromeEpisodic ataxia

Question 7: [186] However, some cat furs are still made into blankets in ________ as folk remedies that are believed to help rheumatism.

Question 8:
What is Cat's current status?
syndicated on TV Land
Munro Top

Question 9: ________—the goddess of love, beauty, and fertility in Norse mythology—is depicted as riding a chariot drawn by cats.

Question 10:
What phylum does Cat belong to?

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