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Question 1: Castor Oyl is a cartoon character, created in ________ by cartoonist Elzie Crisler Segar for his comic strip Thimble Theater, now known as Popeye.

Question 2: In the ________, however, he is made Olive's younger brother and is considerably less sophisticated than his comic strip counterpart.
FilmmakingMovie theaterFilmIndependent film

Question 3: Castor Oyl is named after castor oil, a medicine often given to children back in the ________ and 1930s.
1920s1929Roaring Twenties1910s

Question 4: His most prominent appearance in the series is as a member of Popeye's orchestra in the ________ short The Spinach Overture.

Question 5: In the ________ film directed by Robert Altman, Castor is a key character, and is played by actor Donovan Scott.

Question 6: His mother Nana's name derives from "________ oil," an epithet similar to "baloney." His father Cole's name derives from "coal oil," a now-obsolete term for kerosene.
Papua New GuineaCoconutBananaPhilippines

Question 7: He was the main protagonist of Thimble Theater for years before the first appearance of the Popeye character in January ________.

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