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Question 1: It was detonated on May 5, 1954, at ________ of the Marshall Islands, on a barge moored in the middle of the crater from the Castle Union test.
Bikini AtollMajuroRongerik AtollEnewetak Atoll

Question 2: The test device, code-named "Jughead", had been prepared as a backup in case the non-cryogenic "Shrimp" fusion device (first tested in ________) failed to work.
UraniumNuclear weaponPlutoniumCastle Bravo

Question 3: A small number of EC-16s were produced on an emergency basis to provide a stop-gap ________ capability in response to the Russian nuclear weapons program.
Nuclear weapon designNuclear arms raceNuclear weapons testingPlutonium

Question 4: Castle Yankee was the code name given to one of the tests in the ________ series of American nuclear tests.
Pacific Proving GroundsNevada Test SiteTrinity (nuclear test)Operation Castle

Question 5: While Runt used natural lithium (with 7.5% of the Lithium-6 ________), Runt II used the same partially enriched lithium (approximately 40% Lithium-6) as the "Shrimp" device tested in Bravo.
AtomStable nuclideIsotopeTechnetium


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