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Question 1:
What role did Peggy Hyland play in the telemovie Castle?
Lee Wax
Martha Rodgers
Gina Griffin
Esther Eccles

Question 2:
Who played Jeremy Preswick the telemovie Castle?
Marc Blucas
Nathan Fillion
Arye Gross
Danny Nucci

Question 3:
Who played Richard Castle the telemovie Castle?
Nathan Fillion
Jonathan Banks
Brady Smith
Nathan Fillion

Question 4:
What role did Kathleen Rose Perkins play in the telemovie Castle?
Medical Examiner Lanie Parish
Polly Eccles
Elise Finnegan

Question 5: From this evolved ________, also known as trace italienne.
Star fortCaponierCastleFortification

Question 6:
What role did Roland Pertwee play in the telemovie Castle?
Jack Coonan
Ben Davidson
Hon. George D'Alroy
Caine Powell

Question 7:
What role did Jonathan Banks play in the telemovie Castle?
Special Agent Jason Avery
Bruce Kirby
Captain Hawtree
Richard Castle

Question 8:
Who played Kate Beckett the telemovie Castle?
Jamie Chung
Stana Katic
Peggy Hyland
Tamala Jones

Question 9:
Who played Bobby Fox the telemovie Castle?
Ray Wise
Nathan Fillion
Justin Alvarez
Campbell Gullan

Question 10:
Who played Romy Lee the telemovie Castle?
Stana Katic
Peggy Hyland
Susan Sullivan
Jamie Chung

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