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Question 1: [3] The practice of avoiding pregnancy by abstaining from sexual relations when the woman is fertile (________) was first addressed in rulings by the Sacred Penitentiary in 1853 and 1880, which declared the practice moral.
Creighton Model FertilityCare SystemCalendar-based methodsFertility awarenessNatural family planning

Question 2: Castī Connūbiī (Latin: "of chaste wedlock")[1] was a papal encyclical promulgated by ________ on December 31, 1930.
Pope Pius XIPope John Paul IIPope Paul VICatholic Church

Question 3: Prior to this encyclical, it was believed by some Catholics that the only licit reason for ________ was an attempt to create children.
PregnancySexual intercourseHuman sexual behaviorMasturbation

Question 4: Casti Connubii speaks out against the ________ laws, popular at that time, that forbade those deemed 'unfit' from marrying and having children:
EugenicsScientific racismThe HolocaustNazi Germany

Question 5: Early Catholic doctrine considered complete ________ to be the most holy state for humans, with marriage allowed only for those without the fortitude required by an abstinent life.
Sexual abstinenceCondomBirth controlMasturbation

Question 6: The 'natural reasons of time' is interpreted by some to also mean the infertile portion of a woman's ________.
OvulationMenstrual cycleMenstruationMenopause

Question 7: The 'natural reasons of time or of certain defects' are universally accepted as meaning menopause and ________.
InfertilityVulvovaginal healthFemale infertilityReproductive system disease

Question 8: It stressed the sanctity of marriage, prohibited Roman Catholics from using any form of artificial birth control, and reaffirmed the prohibition on ________.
Fetal rightsAbortion lawAbortionAbortifacient

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