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Question 1: Independent India has witnessed considerable amount of violence and ________ motivated by caste.
HomophobiaViolence against LGBT peopleGay bashingHate crime

Question 2: ________ and Jawaharlal Nehru had radically different approaches to caste especially over constitutional politics and the status of "untouchables".
Rahul SankrityayanB. R. AmbedkarSwami VivekanandaAnnie Besant

Question 3: In the ________, there was no prohibition against the Shudras listening to the Vedas or participating in any religious rite.
Gupta EmpireVedic periodMahajanapadasPala Empire

Question 4: This group of former "untouchables" (self described as ________) ie downtrodden, was considered either the lower section of Shudras or outside the caste system altogether.
BiharIndiaDalitUttar Pradesh

Question 5: During the British Raj, this sentiment gathered steam, and many Hindu reform movements such as Brahmo Samaj and ________ renounced caste-based discrimination.
KolkataMumbaiSwami Dayananda SaraswatiArya Samaj

Question 6: Swami Sahajanand Saraswati Rachnawali (Selected works of Swami Sahajanand Saraswati), Prakashan Sansthan, ________, 2003.
New DelhiDelhiChandni ChowkMumbai

Question 7: Also, the caste status is kept even if the sect ________ is switched (i.e.
AllegianceUnited StatesAbjurationEngland

Question 8: Syrian Christians, especially Knanaya Christians tend to be endogamous, and tend not to intermarry with other ________ castes[47].
Catholic ChurchChristianityChristianJesus

Question 9: The ________ place very little importance on the caste system, mentioning caste only once (in the Purush Sukta) out of tens of thousands of verses.
Indian epic poetrySanskrit literatureRigvedaVedas

Question 10: Over the years, various incidents of violence against ________, such as Kherlanji Massacre have been reported from many parts of India.
Uttar PradeshB. R. AmbedkarDalitBihar


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