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Question 1: Grey cast iron has less ________ and shock resistance than steel, however its compressive strength is comparable to low and medium carbon steel.
Young's modulusAluminiumYield (engineering)Tensile strength

Question 2: ________ is added in the ladle or in the furnace, on the order of 0.5 to 2.5%, to decrease chill, refine graphite, and increase fluidity.

Question 3: The ironmasters of the ________ continued producing these until the 1760s, and this was the main function of the iron industry there after the Restoration.
HastingsSouth DownsEast SussexWeald

Question 4: This was followed by others, including Thomas Paine, who patented one; cast iron bridges became common as the ________ gathered pace.
William RadcliffeIndustrial RevolutionThomas HighsTextile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution

Question 5: Thomas Telford adopted the material for his bridge upstream at Buildwas, and then for a canal trough aqueduct at Longdon-on-Tern on the ________.
Shropshire Union CanalShropshire Union Railways and Canal CompanyShropshire CanalShrewsbury Canal

Question 6: In any case, they offer ________ at the expense of toughness.
Young's modulusYield (engineering)HardnessSolid

Question 7: Ferrite (α-iron, δ-iron)
Austenite (γ-iron)
Pearlite (88% ferrite, 12% cementite)
Ledeburite (ferrite-cementite eutectic, 4.3% carbon)
Cementite (iron carbide, Fe3C)
BainiteAlloy steelSteelCarbon steel

Question 8: The ________, North Ayrshire, Scotland, built from cast iron
Eglinton CastleEglinton Country ParkKilwinningEglinton Tournament Bridge

Question 9: Cast iron became a widespread material, and many towns had foundries producing machinery, not only for industry but also ________.
AgricultureSustainable agricultureOrganic farmingIntensive farming

Question 10: Graphite separates out much more slowly in this case, so that ________ has time to form it into spheroidal particles rather than flakes.
Fluid dynamicsViscositySurface tensionFluid statics


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