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Question 1: ________, a protective shell which is used to help heal broken bones by holding the limb in place
CrutchNikolay Ivanovich PirogovOrthopedic castSkin

Question 2: ________, an English rock and roll band from the 1990s
John LeckieCast (band)Lee MaversThe La's

Question 3: In ________, flying two or more falconry birds together
FalconryGolden EaglePeregrine FalconRed-tailed Hawk

Question 4: Cast (earthworm), mineral-rich organic matter that is excreted by ________

Question 5: In ________, a cavity formed by the decomposition of wood furnishings or human or animal remains, previously covered due to volcanic ash fall
Civil engineeringEngineeringMiningArchaeology

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