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Question 1: From the fifth to the tenth century, invasions by the ________ led the population to seek refuge in the castrum, a fortified city that, in 1223, became the property of the Seigneurie des Les Baux-de-Provence.
BarbarianClassical antiquityDemosthenesEurope

Question 2: The wines of Cassis are white and rosé, and not to be confused with crème de cassis, a specialty of Burgundy which takes its name from ________ (cassis), not the commune.
GrapeOrange (fruit)BlackcurrantDietary fiber

Question 3: The masonry for the quays of the large Mediterranean ports (________, Algiers, Piraeus, Marseille, Port Said) originated from Cassis, as well as the base of the Statue of Liberty in New York City.
Ancient GreeceGreeceAlexandriaAlexander the Great

Question 4: The principal livelihood was fishing and maritime trade with North Africa and the ________.
Middle EastWestern AsiaAsiaIran

Question 5: During the Roman times, Cassis was part of the maritime route made by the Emperor ________.
HadrianAntoninus PiusCommodusMarcus Aurelius

Question 6: The town is situated on the Mediterranean coast, about 20 km (12.4 mi) east of ________.

Question 7: The link with Massilia (Marseille), a city founded by the Phoceans,(Greek: Φώκαια) , means that the current site of Cassis could have been inhabited by the ________, though no proof has yet been found.
Greek literatureGreeceGreek diasporaGreeks


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