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Cassie Steele: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following labels did Cassie Steele work with?
Super Spy Productions
Massacre Records
Vinyl Japan JASKCD186

Question 2:
On what date was Cassie Steele born?

Question 3:
What role did Cassie Steele play in the movie The Best Years?
Kathryn Klarner
Samantha Best
Lucy Ramirez-Montoya/Sahara Oasis

Question 4:
Who of the following is a current member of Cassie Steele?
Cassie Steele
Steel Rider
Stuart Steele
Casino Steel

Question 5:
What is the origin of Cassie Steele?

Question 6:
What is Cassie Steele also known as?
Cassie L. Chadwick
Cassie Reynolds
Cassie Steele
Chris Steele

Question 7:
Which of the following instruments did Cassie Steele play?
Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Vocals, Guitar
vocals, keyboard, recorder, low whistle, hammered dulcimer
Piano, Vocals

Question 8:
Which of the following instruments does Cassie Steele play?

Question 9:
What role did Cassie Steele play in the TV series Degrassi Spring Break Movie?
Manny Santos
Liberty Van Zandt
Emma Nelson
Ashley Kerwin

Question 10:
What was Cassie Steele's birth name?
Jerrold Lewis Bock
Mark Strong & Rudy Strong
Serge Lawrence, Jr.
Cassandra Rae Steele

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