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Question 1: the female ________ name of the Cassii (gens Cassia) of Ancient Rome
Greek nameRoman naming conventionsItalian namePolish name

Question 2: Cassia or ________, Bytantine abbbess and music scholar (9th century)
Great LentOrthodox ChurchByzantine RiteKassia

Question 3: other species of Cinnamomum, a tree genus in the laurel family (________)
Bay LaurelPerseaLauraceaeOcotea

Question 4: ________, a tree/shrub genus in the bean family (Fabaceae)
Cassia (legume)Senna (genus)Senna obtusifoliaGolden Shower Tree

Question 5: ________, a cinnamon tree from southern China and Indochina which produces the spice cassiabark
Black pepperPomegranateCinnamomum aromaticumCannabis

Question 6: locally for introduced ________ (Acacia farnesiana), another Fabaceae
United StatesFranceVachellia farnesianaThe Bahamas

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