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Question 1: Several scheduled ________ services (including train ferries) operate on the Caspian Sea, including:
Zero-fare public transportHovercraftFerryCable ferry

Question 2: ________ and especially Turkmenistan got a very small share because they lack major port cities.

Question 3: There is also by the town of Baku, another kind of oil which is white and very precious (i.e., ________)."[24]
PetroleumPeak oilEnergy developmentPetroleum industry

Question 4:
What country is Caspian Sea in?
Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan
Russia and Mongolia
Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan

Question 5:
Who many cities took part in the Caspian Sea?
Baku , Rasht , Aktau , Makhachkala , Tu00FCrkmenbau015Fy

Question 6: In Turkic speaking countries it is known as the ________ Sea.
KhazarsJewsAntisemitismAshkenazi Jews

Question 7: At first Russia and ________ announced that they would continue to adhere to the old treaty (but they don't have a common border any more, so this is practically impossible).
IranIraqAzerbaijanIran–Iraq War

Question 8:
What type is thing is Caspian Sea?
Endorheic, Saline, Permanent, Natural
Natural cold springs
Natural History
reservoir, natural lake, eutrophic

Question 9: The ________, the largest in Europe, drains 20% of the European land area and is the source of 80% of the Caspian’s freshwater inflow.
Volga RiverSviyaga RiverKuybyshev ReservoirSelizharovka River

Question 10: It is not clear if the issue of Volga-access to vessels from ________ and Kazakhstan is covered by their agreements with Russia and also what the conditions are for Volga-access for vessels from Turkmenistan and Iran.
AzerbaijanGeorgia (country)NakhchivanTurkey


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