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Cashew: Quiz


Question 1:
What is the binomial authority of Cashew?

Question 2:
What is the binomial of Cashew?
Hydrophyllum occidentale
Uvariodendron occidentale
Anacardium occidentale
Syzygium occidentale

Question 3:
What kind of animal is a Cashew?

Question 4: In ________, the young leaves are often eaten raw as salad or with sambal belacan (shrimp paste mixed with chili and lime).
MalaysiaPapua New GuineaSingaporePhilippines

Question 5: Within the true fruit is a single ________, the cashew nut.
PlantSeedFlowering plantFlower

Question 6: ________ also has a sweet dessert called turrones de casuy which is cashew marzipan wrapped in white wafer.

Question 7: The ________ are produced in a panicle or corymb up to 26 cm long, each flower small, pale green at first then turning reddish, with five slender, acute petals 7 to 15 mm long.
FlowerFlowering plantFruitSeed

Question 8: In the Philippines, cashew is a known product of ________, and is eaten with suman.
Cagayan de Oro CityCebu CityAntipolo CityBacolod City

Question 9: The nut oil is used topically as an ________ and for healing cracked heels.
Antifungal drugAntiviral drugAntibioticPharmaceutical drug

Question 10: Cashew nuts also factor in Thai cuisine and Chinese cuisine, generally in whole form, and in ________, often ground into sauces such as shahi korma, and also used as garnish in Indian sweets and desserts.
Bangladeshi cuisineIndian cuisineMalaysian cuisinePakistani cuisine

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