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Question 1: Some very old Supreme Court cases have odd-looking citations, such as ________, 5 U.S.
Marbury v. MadisonUnited States ConstitutionJames MadisonJohn Marshall

Question 2: The ________ (Bundesgerichtshof, short BGH) publishes the official collections BGHSt for decisions in penal law and BGHZ for those in private law.
Federal Constitutional Court of GermanyFederal Court of Justice of GermanyJudiciary of GermanyFederal Finance Court of Germany

Question 3: ________, 381 U.S.
Roe v. WadeJohn Marshall Harlan IIGriswold v. ConnecticutLawrence v. Texas

Question 4: Constitution) or as ________ and appellee under Rule 18 (when direct review is provided for by federal statute).
JuryAppealLawsuitCommon law

Question 5: Some states, notably ________ and New York, have their own citation systems that differ significantly from the various federal and national standards.
Los AngelesSacramento, CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaCalifornia

Question 6: Although case citations are formatted differently in different ________, they generally contain the same key information.
Forum shoppingJurisdictionForum non conveniensLis alibi pendens

Question 7: The most important cases of the ________ are published by the court in its official collection.
Supreme Court of the NetherlandsFederal Constitutional Court of GermanySupreme Court of IrelandSupreme Court of the United Kingdom

Question 8: Most judges do relegate some citations to footnotes (though the refusal of jurists such as Justice Stephen Breyer and Judge ________ to use footnotes in their opinions is well-known).
Learned HandRichard PosnerLaurence TribeRobert Bork

Question 9: ________ cases and cases from some specialized courts are published in the Federal Supplement (F.
United States CongressUnited States district courtUnited States federal courtsUnited States Constitution

Question 10: Note that, in contrast to New York, the Illinois Appellate Court is only the intermediate court of appeals in Illinois; decisions of the ________ are reported in Illinois Reports, abbreviated "Ill." (or "Ill.
Delaware Supreme CourtSupreme Court of IllinoisSupreme Court of the United StatesFlorida Supreme Court


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