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Caryophyllales: Quiz


Question 1: Systematists are undecided on whether Caryophyllales should be placed within the rosid complex or sister to the asterid ________.
PhylogeneticsComputational phylogeneticsCladeGhost lineage

Question 2: More recent treatments have expanded the Caryophyllales to include most ________.
DroseraVenus FlytrapSarraceniaCarnivorous plant

Question 3: Earlier systems, such as the ________, last edition in 1935, and the Engler system, updated in 1964, had a similar order under the name Centrospermae.
GuttiferalesWettstein systemRosalesEricales

Question 4: As circumscribed by the APG II system (2003), this order includes well-known plants like cacti, carnations, spinach, ________, rhubarb, sundews, venus fly traps, and bougainvillea.

Question 5: The Caryophyllales includes about 6% of ________ species.
Dahlgren systemDicotyledonThorne system (1992)Cronquist system

Question 6: The ________ (1981) also recognised the order, with this circumscription:
DicotyledonCronquist systemRosalesAPG III system

Question 7: Caryophyllales is an order of flowering plants that includes the cacti, carnations, ________, beets/chard/buckwheat/rhubarb, ice plants, tamarisks and most carnivorous plants.

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