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Question 1: Comic strip artists may also sometimes work in book-length form, creating ________.
Comic bookAmerican comic bookGraphic novelComics

Question 2: When a consistent artistic style is wanted among different cartoonists (such as ________), character model sheets may be used as reference.
Blue Ribbon ComicsArchie ComicsRed Circle ComicsMighty Comics

Question 3: A cartoonist traditionally sketched his work out roughly in pencil first before going over the sketches in black ink, using either a brush or a metal nibbed ________.
Fountain penPenDip penBallpoint pen

Question 4: Cartoonists may work in many different formats: single panel gag cartoons, editorial cartoons, comic strips, comic books, graphic novels, or ________.
Stop motionAnimationTraditional animationAnimated cartoon

Question 5: The word is sometimes used for those who create animated cartoons including ________.
Traditional animationAnimeSilhouette animationAdult animation

Question 6: Some comic strip creators publish in the alternative press or on the ________.
World Wide WebInternetInternet Relay ChatE-mail

Question 7: Many print cartoons are of the single-panel variety and are published in print media of various kinds, for example, in magazines such as ________ and Punch.
Vanity Fair (magazine)GrantaHarper's MagazineThe New Yorker

Question 8: Such strips are distributed by syndicates[1] such as the Universal Press Syndicate, United Media or the ________.
Dennis the Menace (U.S.)Flash GordonPhantom (comics)King Features Syndicate

Question 9: Comic strips received widespread distribution through mainstream ________.
NewspaperMedia biasDefamationNews media

Question 10: Sometimes the term "________" is used for cartoonists who produce long works.
ComicsAmerican comic bookComic bookGraphic novel

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