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Question 1: However, animated programs have fallen into other genres such as the action/adventure series (for example, Speed Racer and ________).
G.I. JoeG.I. Joe (comics)G.I. Joe: Sigma 6Cobra Commander

Question 2: This usage dates to 1843 when Punch magazine applied the term cartoon to ________ drawings in its pages.
SatirePoetryPlay (theatre)Novel

Question 3: Traditionally, series are produced as complete half-hour programs; however, many cartoons series are produced as ________ shorts of 15 minutes or less, which can then paired with other shorts to fill a set time period.
Animated cartoonTraditional animationStop motionAnimation

Question 4: A cartoon series is a set of regularly presented ________ television programs created or adapted for television broadcast with a common series title, usually related to one another.
Animated cartoonStop motionAnimationTraditional animation

Question 5: Since, the cartoon, and later the cartoon series, has been used for ________.
SatireComedy (drama)DramaComedy

Question 6: Thus a particular cartoon series may appear in a number of formats or time block, such as ________.
Batman franchise mediaBatman (TV series)Batman: The Animated SeriesThe Batman/Superman Hour

Question 7: The series ________, which began as a child friendly show, shifted their target age group to ages 12 and older, resulting in a darker and more mature storyline.
ReBootReBoot (video game)Shadow RaidersBeast Wars: Transformers

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