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Question 1: Lo! (1931), ________ - ISBN 1-870870-89-1
CryptozoologyCharles FortMediumshipParanormal

Question 2: The Carroll A. Deering was built in ________, in 1919 by the G.G.
Augusta, MaineBelfast, MaineSaco, MaineBath, Maine

Question 3: Still, the case is a favorite of paranormalists and ________ proponents and has gained a reputation as a successor to the Mary Celeste as one of the truly great mysteries of the sea.
United StatesUnidentified flying objectBermuda TriangleUfology

Question 4: Discontent with the captain could certainly have caused a ________ of the crew, but once again, nothing definitive has ever been proven.
MutinyWorld War IAmsterdamUnited Kingdom

Question 5: Rum Runners: A similar theory to the above speculates that a group of liquor smugglers working out of the ________ stole the ship to use as a rum-running vessel (this was during the Prohibition era).
The BahamasBarbadosAntigua and BarbudaBelize

Question 6: Paranormal Explanation: The disappearance of the ship's crew has been cited by innumerable authors dealing with anomalous phenomena and the ________.
GhostSupernaturalCharles FortExorcism

Question 7: On August 19, 1920, the Deering prepared to sail from ________ to Rio De Janeiro with a cargo of coal.
Virginia BeachNorfolk, VirginiaNewport News, VirginiaHampton Roads

Question 8: ________, then Secretary of Commerce, was intrigued by the fact that several other vessels of various nationalities—most notably the sulfur freighter Hewitt—had also disappeared in roughly the same area.
Dwight D. EisenhowerRichard NixonGerald FordHerbert Hoover

Question 9: Though most of these vessels were later revealed to have been sailing in the vicinity of a series of particularly vicious ________, the Hewitt and Deering were proven to have been sailing away from the area of the storm at the time.
Tropical cycloneEye (cyclone)Tropical cyclone basinsRain

Question 10: The ship was next sighted by the Cape Lookout Lightship in ________ on January 28, 1921, when the vessel hailed the lightship.
Georgia (U.S. state)South CarolinaPennsylvaniaNorth Carolina


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