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Question 1:
When was the Carrion?
December 2009
11th century

Question 2: The dwarves resort to a mass burning of the bodies of their dead following the ________ "rather than leave their kin to beast or bird or carrion-orc."
Timeline of ArdaDol GuldurMiddle-earthList of Middle-earth wars and battles

Question 3: Carrion is an important food source for large ________ and omnivores in most ecosystems.

Question 4: Many invertebrates, such as ________ (family Silphidae), as well as maggots of calliphorid flies and sarcophagid flies also eat carrion and play an important role in recycling animal remains.

Question 5: Some plants and fungi smell like decomposing carrion and attract ________ that aid in reproduction.

Question 6: Carrion begins to decay the moment of the animal's death, and it will increasingly attract insects and breed ________.
BacteriaCorynebacteriumGram-negative bacteriaGram-positive bacteria

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