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Question 1: The two immediately went to the ________ with their signed marriage licenses and got married (but not before getting briefly interrupted by a drunk Sami and Carrie disowning her).
Magistrates' CourtSolicitorJudicial Committee of the Privy CouncilJustice of the peace

Question 2: Carrie is the daughter of ________ and Anna Fredericks.
Brady familyMax BradyShawn BradyRoman Brady

Question 3: When Austin Reed moved to Salem, Carrie was attracted to him and also became the roommate and close friend of Austin's sister, ________.
Brady familyBillie ReedAdrienne Johnson KiriakisChelsea Brady

Question 4: Sami Brady teamed up with ________.
Hope Williams BradyNicole WalkerMarlena EvansLucas Roberts

Question 5: As a child, Carrie was at one point kidnapped and held captive by ________, who has kidnapped many members of the Brady family at various points.
André DiMeraDiMera familyRenée DuMondeStefano DiMera

Question 6: Caroline Anna "Carrie" Reed (née Brady; formerly Roberts) is a character on the television drama ________.
Days of our Lives storylines (2000s)Days of our LivesDays of our Lives storylines (1980s)Days of our Lives storylines (1990s)


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