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Carrack: Quiz


Question 1: It was square-rigged on the foremast and mainmast and ________-rigged on the mizzenmast.
LateenGunterSail-planFore-and-aft rig

Question 2: From around 1515, Portugal had trade exchanges with ________ in India, consisting of 3 to 4 carracks leaving Lisbon with silver to purchase cotton and spices in India.
Daman and DiuMangaloreGoaMumbai

Question 3: Santa Catarina — which was seized by the ________ off Singapore in 1603.
Dutch West India CompanyDutch East India CompanyFrench East India CompanyDutch Empire

Question 4: By the late ________ the cog and cog-like square-rigged vessels, were widely used along the coasts of Europe, in the Baltic, and also in the Mediterranean.
Early Middle AgesHigh Middle AgesLate Middle AgesMiddle Ages

Question 5: A carrack or nau was a three- or four-masted sailing ship developed for use in the ________ in the 15th century by the Portuguese.
Indian OceanPacific OceanArctic OceanAtlantic Ocean

Question 6: São Gabriel - commanded by ________ in the 1497 Portuguese expedition from Europe to India by circumnavigating Africa.
PortugalLisbonPortuguese IndiaVasco da Gama

Question 7: Santo António — or St. Anthony, the personal property of King John of ________, wrecked off Gunwalloe Bay in 1527, the salvage of whose cargo almost led to a war between England and Portugal.
GreecePortugalSpainEast Timor

Question 8: La Dauphine - ________'s ship to explore the Atlantic coast of North America in 1524.
France-Americas relationsGiovanni da VerrazzanoNew York CityNew France

Question 9: Madre de Deus — which was seized by the ________ off Flores Island in 1592 with an enormously valuable cargo.
Royal NavyHMS Illustrious (R06)HMS Ark Royal (R07)HMS Ocean (L12)

Question 10: Santa Anna — a particularly modern design commissioned by the ________ in 1522 and sometimes hailed as the first armoured ship.
CrusadesMaltaItalyKnights Hospitaller


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