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Question 1: Carolingian Empire is a historiographical term which has been used to refer to the realm of the Franks under the ________.
Carolingian dynastyLouis the YoungerCharles the SimpleCharlemagne

Question 2: Considered as a milestone in the European History, the ________ is a symbol of the birth of France and Germany[4].
Louis the PiousCharlemagneOaths of StrasbourgLothair I

Question 3: This dynasty is seen as the founders of ________ and Germany.
United KingdomCanadaFranceItaly

Question 4: [7] Instead, the Carolingian military success rested primarily on novel ________ technologies and excellent logistics.
Military historyMedieval warfareSiegeNaval warfare

Question 5: It has long been held that the dominance of the Carolingian military was based on a "cavalry revolution" led by ________ in 730s.
Pepin the ShortCharles MartelCharlemagneLouis the Pious

Question 6: What is more, Martel cemented his place in history with his defense of Christian Europe against a Muslim army at the ________ in 732.
Battle of ToursReconquistaAl-AndalusCharles Martel

Question 7: Also in 879, Boso, Count of Arles founded the Kingdom of Lower Burgundy in ________.

Question 8: In 881, ________ was crowned the Holy Roman Emperor while Louis II of Saxony and Louis III of Francia died the following year.
Charles the FatConrad II, Holy Roman EmperorLouis the YoungerOtto I, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 9: However, the stirrup, which made the 'shock cavalry' ________ charge possible, was not introduced to the Frankish kingdom until the late eighth century.
CataphractHeavy cavalryInfantryLance

Question 10: Most historians prefer to use the term "Frankish Kingdoms" or "Frankish Realm" to refer to the area covering parts of today's Germany and ________ from the 5th to the 9th century.
CanadaItalyUnited KingdomFrance


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