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Carniola: Quiz


Question 1: As part of ________, the region was a crown land officially known as the Duchy of Carniola (Vojvodina Kranjska, Herzogtum Krain) until 1918.
Austria–HungaryOttoman EmpireGerman EmpireHoly Roman Empire

Question 2: See also: ________
Before the coming of the Romans (c.
SloveniaHistory of SloveniaSlavic settlement of the Eastern AlpsCarantania

Question 3: The new diocese consisted of part of Upper Carniola, two parishes in Lower Carniola, and a portion of Lower Styria and Carinthia; the remaining portion of Carniola was attached to ________, later on to Gorizia and Trieste.
Cervignano del FriuliAquileiaGemona del FriuliCividale del Friuli

Question 4: Carniola (Slovene: Kranjska; German: Krain) was a historical region that comprised parts of what is now ________.

Question 5: The capital of Carniola, originally situated at ________ (Krainburg), was briefly moved to Kamnik (Stein) and finally to the current capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana (Laibach).
PtujKranjMariborJesenice, Slovenia

Question 6: When ________ established the margraviate of Friuli, he added to it a part of Carniola.
Lothair ICharlemagneAlboinLouis the Pious

Question 7: After the fall of the Roman Empire, ________ settled in Carniola, followed by Slavs around the 6th century AD.
FranksLombardsGermanic peoplesSuebi

Question 8: Since the 14th century, its capital was ________.

Question 9: 200 BC), the Taurisci dwelt in the north of Carniola, the ________ in the south-east, the Iapodes or Carni, a Celtic tribe, in the south-west.
List of rulers of IllyriaList of ancient cities in IllyriaList of ancient tribes in IllyriaIllyrians

Question 10: Since 1991, the region has been part of an independent ________.


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