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Question 1: There are also influences from the ________, which had been founded by King John I and was being built at that same time.
Batalha MonasteryConvent of the Order of ChristJerónimos MonasteryAlcobaça Monastery

Question 2: In the 20th century, during the ________, the Carmo Headquarters was the last stronghold of the Presidente of the Estado Novo, Marcelo Caetano, and the military loyal to him.
OphiussaPortuguese First RepublicCarnation RevolutionOestriminis

Question 3: At the service of King John I, Álvares Pereira commanded the Portuguese army in the decisive ________ (1385), in which the Portuguese guaranteed their independence by defeating the Castilian army.
SpainHispania1383–1385 CrisisBattle of Aljubarrota

Question 4: Other notable exhibits include a statue of a 12th century king (perhaps ________), Spanish-Moorish azulejos and objects from the Roman and Visigoth periods.
Sancho I of PortugalAfonso I of PortugalAfonso II of PortugalAfonso III of Portugal

Question 5: The Carmo Convent was founded as a convent for the ________ in 1389 by the Portuguese knight Nuno Álvares Pereira.
CarmelitesDominican OrderFranciscanDiscalced Carmelites

Question 6: The mediaeval convent was ruined in the ________, and the ruins of its Gothic church (the Carmo Church or Igreja do Carmo) are the main trace of the great earthquake still visible in the city.
PortugalPortuguese peopleLusophobia1755 Lisbon earthquake

Question 7: The ________ over the portal is partially destroyed.
Rose windowGothic architectureRomanesque architectureItaly

Question 8: The Carmo Convent (Portuguese: Convento da Ordem do Carmo) is a monument located in the city of ________, in Portugal.

Question 9: The Carmo Convent is located in the Chiado neighbourhood, on a hill overlooking the Rossio square and facing the ________ hill.
Afonso I of PortugalCastle of São Jorge1755 Lisbon earthquakePortugal


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