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Carleton College: Quiz


Question 1: Thorstein Veblen, class of 1880, American economist and author of ________.
Karl MarxJohn Maynard KeynesThe Theory of the Leisure ClassCapitalism

Question 2: ________, class of 1970, U.S.
Rush D. Holt, Jr.Frank PalloneDonald M. PayneRob Andrews

Question 3: On his way from visiting William Carleton of ________, Strong was badly injured by a train.
Dorchester, BostonBostonRoxbury, BostonCharlestown, Boston

Question 4: Jay Rubenstein, class of 1989, historian, recipient of the ________
Shing-Tung YauMacArthur Fellows ProgramPeter H. RavenMichael Freedman

Question 5: ________ also remains a ubiquitous phenomenon, even and most impressively in winter temperatures that average about 15 °F (-9 °C), and occasionally reach lows around -40° (-40 °C).
StreakingNudityNaturismNudity in American television

Question 6: The world premiere production of ________'s play The Caucasian Chalk Circle was performed in 1948 at Carleton's Nourse Little Theater.
Mother Courage and Her ChildrenBaal (play)Non-Aristotelian dramaBertolt Brecht

Question 7: Laurence McKinley Gould, who was second-in-command to ________ on his first landmark expedition to Antarctica, served as a professor of geology at Carleton and later as College President from 1945-1962.
Richard Evelyn ByrdAmelia EarhartAmundsen-Scott South Pole StationRoald Amundsen

Question 8: He received news of President ________'s death while waiting to speak.
Hashim al-AtassiAdib ShishakliAmin al-HafizHafez al-Assad

Question 9: In 2009 ________ ranked Carleton College the 8th best liberal arts college in the United States.
The AtlanticU.S. News & World ReportNewsweekNational Review

Question 10: H. Scott Bierman, professor of economics, department chair, academic dean, game theory expert, currently President of ________ 2009-present
Lawrence UniversityBeloit CollegeCarleton CollegeRipon College (Wisconsin)

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