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Carl Zeiss AG: Quiz


Question 1: At the end of the war Jena was occupied by the ________.
United States ArmyUnited States armed forcesUnited States Marine CorpsUnited States Army Africa

Question 2: The Zeiss Gruppe is located in ________ and Jena.
Heidenheim an der BrenzUlmAalenGiengen

Question 3: The ZM line are lenses made for the Leica M mount and for the new ________ camera.
Photographic lens designPentaxCarl Zeiss AGNikon

Question 4:
What industry is Carl Zeiss AG in?

Question 5:
Who of the following is a key person at Carl Zeiss AG?
Dr. Dieter Kurz, CEO and President
Dieter Eismar
Klaus-Dieter Beck, CEO
Dr. Dieter Seipler

Question 6: Notable names include ________, a famous name in medium format professional cameras.
Carl Zeiss AGHasselbladFujifilmMamiya

Question 7:
How many employees does Carl Zeiss AG have?

Question 8:
When was Carl Zeiss AG founded?
Feuerbach, Germany
Jena, Germany
Geislingen an der Steige, Germany
Esslingen, Germany

Question 9: Subsequently the new glasses would demonstrate their value in correcting ________, and in the production of apochromatic lenses.
Optical aberrationAstigmatism (eye)OpticsAstigmatism

Question 10: The organisation is named after a founder, the German ________ Carl Zeiss (1816–1888).


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