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Question 1: The 1996 movie Killer: A Journal Of Murder was based on Panzram's final years, with ________ as Panzram and Robert Sean Leonard as Lesser.
Jack LemmonAlan RickmanGary SiniseJames Woods

Question 2: He ran away from home at the age of fourteen and claimed to have been ________ by a group of hobos.
Child sexual abuseTypes of rapeSexual abuseWar rape

Question 3: [3] In his confession to this murder, he wrote: "His brains were coming out of his ears when I left him and he will never be any deader." He also claimed to have hired a rowing boat, shot the rowers and threw their bodies to the ________.
CrocodylusNile crocodileCrocodileDwarf crocodile

Question 4:
Carl Panzram, Timothy McVeigh and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are all:
American murderers of children People executed by the United States federal government American escapees Escapees from Oregon detention

Question 5: William Howard Taft was then ________ and had approved the sentence.
John C. CalhounJames MonroeJefferson DavisUnited States Secretary of War

Question 6:
Carl Panzram, William Howard Taft and Arthur Conan Doyle are all:
Executed American people 1891 births 1930 deaths American people of German descent

Question 7: By his teens, he was an ________ and was repeatedly in trouble with the authorities, usually for burglary and theft.
AddictionAlcoholismDrug addictionBenzodiazepine

Question 8:
Carl Panzram, Saddam Hussein and Nathan Hale are all:
American people convicted of child sexual abuse People executed by hanging Racially motivated violence in the United States LGBT people from the United States

Question 9:
Carl Panzram, Ted Bundy and Albert Fish are all:
Racially motivated violence in the United States American murderers of children 20th-century executions by the United States American arsonists

Question 10:
Carl Panzram, Erwin Rommel and James Chadwick are all:
People from Polk County, Minnesota 1891 births People convicted of murder by the United States federal government People executed by the United States federal government

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