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Carl Friedrich Goerdeler: Quiz


Question 1: [48] In August 1938, Goerdeler met with Young in the village of Rauschen Dune in ________.
East PrussiaBrandenburg-PrussiaRoyal PrussiaWest Prussia

Question 2: [89] Had the ________ succeeded, Goerdeler would have served as Chancellor in the new government that would have been formed after Hitler's assassination and the overthrow of the Nazi regime.
German resistance20 July plotAdolf HitlerClaus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg

Question 3: [99] The British historian ________ commented Goerdeler's plans to talk Hitler into resigning reflected a certain lack of realism on his part.
Ian KershawErnst NolteAndreas HillgruberAdolf Hitler

Question 4: [117] While Goerdeler was on death row, he wrote a letter which called ________ (Heb.
The HolocaustAntisemitismResponsibility for the HolocaustHolocaust (resources)

Question 5: Goerdeler managed to escape from Berlin, but he was apprehended on 12 August 1944 after being denounced by an innkeeper in Marienwerder (modern ________, Poland) while visiting the grave of his parents.
Gmina KwidzynKwidzynBrokowoBaldram

Question 6: [12] In the autumn of 1936, Goerdeler left for a trip to ________ promoted by the German Chamber of Commerce.

Question 7: English Actor Kevin McNally portrays Goerdeler in the 2008 ________ thriller Valkyrie.
X2 (film)Bryan SingerSuperman ReturnsX-Men (film)

Question 8: Some historians such as Christof Dipper and ________ have argued that Goerdeler was just as much of an anti-Semite as the Nazis.
David IrvingErnst NolteMartin BroszatAdolf Hitler

Question 9: A latter-day controversy about Goerdeler concerns his attitude towards ________.
Racial antisemitismAntisemitismThe HolocaustJews

Question 10: After failing that, he declined to accept his reelection as mayor of ________ and resigned from office on March 31, 1937.

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