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Carl David Anderson: Quiz


Question 1: Anderson spent all of his academic & research career at ________.
University of California, San DiegoUniversity of California, Los AngelesCalifornia Institute of TechnologyUniversity of Southern California

Question 2: During ________, he conducted research in rocketry there.
World War IISoviet occupationsSecond Sino-Japanese WarCollaboration with the Axis Powers during World War II

Question 3: He studied physics and engineering at ________ (B.S., 1927; Ph.D., 1930).
University of California, Los AngelesCalifornia Institute of TechnologyUniversity of California, San DiegoUniversity of Southern California

Question 4: He is best known for his discovery of the positron in 1932, an achievement for which he received the 1936 ________, and of the muon in 1936.
John Hasbrouck Van VleckNobel Prize in PhysicsNicolaas BloembergenTsung-Dao Lee

Question 5: Anderson was born in ________, the son of Swedish immigrants.
New York metropolitan areaManhattanNew York CityBrooklyn

Question 6: This discovery, announced in 1932 and later confirmed by others, validated ________'s theoretical prediction of the existence of the positron.
Quantum mechanicsWave–particle dualityIntroduction to quantum mechanicsPaul Dirac

Question 7: C.D. Anderson (1933). "The Positive Electron". ________ 43: 491.
Particle physicsPhysicsPhysical ReviewCondensed matter physics

Question 8: Anderson and Neddermeyer at first believed that they had seen the ________, a particle which Hideki Yukawa had postulated in his theory of the strong interaction.

Question 9: He died on January 11, 1991, and his remains were interred in the Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills Cemetery in ________.
San Jose, CaliforniaLong Beach, CaliforniaLos AngelesGlendale, California

Question 10: The ________ was the first of a long list of subatomic particles whose discovery initially baffled theoreticians who could not make the confusing "zoo" fit into some tidy conceptual scheme.


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