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Caribou, Maine: Quiz


Question 1: Between 1838 and 1839, the undeclared ________ flared between the United States and Canada, and the Battle of Caribou occurred in December 1838.
United States armed forcesAroostook WarAmerican Revolutionary WarAmerican Civil War

Question 2: Running through the heart of Aroostook County is the Northeast Snowmobile Trail (NEST), and International Snowmobile Trail System linking Maine, ________, Vermont, and the Province of Quebec.
New HampshireMassachusettsConcord, New HampshireManchester, New Hampshire

Question 3: Caribou has over a dozen ________ trails with varied scenery and terrain within a one hour drive of the city.
Street lugeKayakCross-country skiingIce skate

Question 4: ________ and XM Satellite Radio are leading the way due to the lack of radio programming aimed at the 12-40 age bracket in Northern Maine.
Sirius XM RadioHD RadioDigital radioSirius Satellite Radio

Question 5: Around 1824, settlers began arriving from ________ and settled on the north side of the Aroostook River.
Organisation internationale de la FrancophonieCanadaLouisianaNew Brunswick

Question 6: Most residents subscribe to Dish Network, ________ or Time Warner Cable.
The DirecTV GroupSatellite televisionPublic Broadcasting ServiceDirecTV

Question 7: The dispute over the international boundary delayed settlement of the area until after the signing of the ________ in 1842.
MaineWebster–Ashburton TreatyAroostook WarDaniel Webster

Question 8: In 1807, Charles Turner surveyed ten thousand acres (40 km²) of land in northern Maine, then part of the state of ________.
ConnecticutMassachusettsNew HampshireRhode Island

Question 9: In September 1984, Caribou was the lift-off location of the first successful solo balloon crossing of the ________ by Colonel Joseph Kittinger.
Atlantic OceanPacific OceanIndian OceanArctic Ocean

Question 10: Residents of Caribou receive the ________, a PBS affiliate, over WMEM-TV, as well as the CBC from Canada.
Maine Public Broadcasting NetworkBlack Bear Sports NetworkPulse 873ABN


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