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Question 1: Internal cardiac massage is the process of ________ carried out through a surgical incision into the chest cavity.
ElectrocardiographySurgeryICD-9-CM Volume 3Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Question 2: [22] The exceptions were in the case of ________ or drug overdose.
Oxygen toxicityBarotraumaDecompression sicknessDrowning

Question 3: Advanced life support, including intravenous drugs and ________ (the administration of an electric shock to the heart) is usually needed to restore a viable rhythm.
Emergency medical servicesDefibrillationAutomated external defibrillatorImplantable cardioverter-defibrillator

Question 4: Blood circulation and oxygenation are absolute requirements in transporting ________ to the tissues.

Question 5: This technique is simply chest compressions without ________.
Mechanical ventilationArtificial respirationCardiopulmonary resuscitationIntubation

Question 6: They can feature a ________ (an item carried by many ambulance crews) in order to assist the rescuer in getting the correct rate.
MetronomeFranz LisztRichard WagnerFelix Mendelssohn

Question 7: Following cardiac arrest, effective CPR enables enough oxygen to reach the brain to delay ________, and allows the heart to remain responsive to defibrillation attempts.
Legal deathBurialBrain deathClinical death

Question 8: [6] CPR is used on people in cardiac arrest in order to oxygenate the blood and maintain a ________ to keep vital organs alive.
Circulatory systemFetal circulationCardiac outputBlood pressure

Question 9: The CCR method has been championed by the ________'s Sarver Heart Center.
University of ArizonaArizona State UniversityRutgers UniversityArizona Wildcats

Question 10: The ________ may sustain damage after blood flow has been stopped for about four minutes and irreversible damage after about seven minutes.
DigestionSensory systemBrainNervous system


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