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Question 1: The method functions less well as you get closer to the ________.
Equator1st parallel north5th parallel north1st parallel south

Question 2: The topographic map is a special case of cartography in which the elevation is indicated on the map, typically via ________.
Contour lineGeologic mapMeteorologyFantasy map

Question 3: This method works less well closer to the equator (ie between the ________ and the Tropic of Capricorn) since, in the northern hemisphere, the sun may be directly overhead or even to the north in summer.
Tropic of Cancer25th parallel north20th parallel northCircle of latitude

Question 4: ________ - to learn about an internationally popular hobby and sport that depends on the above knowledge for success.
International Orienteering FederationJunior World Orienteering ChampionshipsOrienteeringWorld Orienteering Championships

Question 5: They are mostly used for geographic orientation on ________ but may be calculated anywhere on a rotating astronomical body.

Question 6: Use of the compass directions is common and deeply embedded in European culture, and also in Chinese culture (see ________).
South Pointing ChariotZhang HengSong DynastyThree Kingdoms

Question 7: Near the end of the 20th century the advent of satellite-based ________ (GPS) provided yet another means for any individual to determine true north accurately.
F-15 EagleCompassGlobal Positioning SystemInertial navigation system

Question 8: GPSR functionality is becoming more commonly added to other consumer devices such as ________.
Universal Mobile Telecommunications System4GSmartphoneMobile phone

Question 9: Rather than the Western use of direction letters, properties such as ________ are often associated with the various cardinal directions—these are typically the natural colors of human perception rather than optical primary colors.

Question 10: south (*sunĂľ-) is root-cognate to ________ itself, thus "the region of the Sun"
Solar SystemSunStarEarth

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