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Cardiff Giant: Quiz


Question 1: A similar giant, the Cotswald Giant, appears in the Wizkids game ________, in the Freakshow expansion.
HellboyHorrorClixMarvel ZombiesHeroClix

Question 2: The giant is mentioned in From a Buick 8, a novel by ________.
'Salem's LotStephen KingThe StandThe Dark Tower (series)

Question 3: In 1947 he sold it to the Farmers' Museum in ________, where it is still on display.
Otsego, New YorkSpringfield, New YorkOtego (village), New YorkCooperstown, New York

Question 4: In 1871, ________ published a poem titled "The True Origin of the Cardiff Giant" in his private newspaper, The Rose Lawn Home Journal, vol.
The Oz Film Manufacturing CompanyCowardly LionL. Frank BaumDorothy Gale

Question 5: The owner of Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum, a coin-operated game arcade/museum of oddities in ________, claims that the replica on display there is Barnum's replica.
Royal Oak, MichiganSouthfield, MichiganFarmington Hills, MichiganTroy, Michigan

Question 6: Both it and an unauthorized copy made by ________ are still on display.
Barnum's American MuseumP. T. BarnumGeneral Tom ThumbRingling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

Question 7: In 1870, ________ wrote "A Ghost Story" in which the ghost of the Cardiff Giant appears in the hotel room in Manhattan to demand that he be reburied.
The Mysterious StrangerMark TwainLetters from the EarthA Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

Question 8: In 1899 a petrified man found in Fort Benton, Montana was "identified" as US Civil War General ________.
Sidney EdgertonThomas Francis MeagherBenjamin F. PottsGreen Clay Smith

Question 9: The giant drew such crowds that showman ________ offered $60,000 for a three-month lease of it (in his memoirs he said he wanted to buy it).
P. T. BarnumBarnum's American MuseumGeneral Tom ThumbRingling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

Question 10: Meagher had drowned in the ________ two years previously.
MontanaMissouri RiverSouth DakotaMississippi River

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