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Cardamom: Quiz


Question 1: Both forms of cardamom are used as flavorings in both food and drink, as cooking ________ and as a medicine.
Afghan spice rubBouquet garniHerbSpice

Question 2:
What kind of animal is a Cardamom?

Question 3: The name cardamom is used for herbs within two genera of the ________ family Zingiberaceae, namely Elettaria and Amomum.

Question 4: The ________ name for cardamom is "elā" or "truṭī." In Urdu/Hindi/Gujarati and some Southern Indian languages, it is called "ilaayachee" or "elchi." In Nepali, it is "Alaichii".
BuddhismSanskritAshoka the GreatMantra

Question 5: In Telugu & Tamil, it is "elakkai" and in ________ it is "yelakki".
Telugu languageKannada literatureKannada languageMalayalam

Question 6: In the ________, green cardamom powder is used as a spice for sweet dishes as well as traditional flavouring in coffee and tea.
AsiaMiddle EastWestern AsiaIran

Question 7: Amomum (commonly known as black cardamom (沙仁), brown cardamom, Kravan, Java cardamom, Bengal cardamom, Siamese cardamom, white cardamom, or red cardamom) is distributed mainly in ________ and Australia.

Question 8: Mysore - As the name suggests, this is a native variety of ________.

Question 9: It is a common ingredient in Indian cooking, and is often used in baking in ________, such as in the Finnish sweet bread pulla or in the Scandinavian bread Julekake.
Nordic countriesDenmarkSwedenNorway

Question 10: Malabar (Nadan/Native) - As the name suggests, this is the native variety of ________.
ThiruvananthapuramMalayaliKochi, IndiaKerala


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