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Carcinoid: Quiz


Question 1: Niacin deficiency, aka ________, is associated with dermatitis, dementia, and diarrhea.
B vitaminsPellagraFolate deficiencyObesity

Question 2: [2] This has led to some complexity in distinguishing between carcinoid and ________ in the literature.
Basal cell carcinomaAdenocarcinomaSquamous cell carcinomaNeuroendocrine tumor

Question 3: In 2000, the ________ redefined "carcinoid", but this new definition has not been accepted by all practitioners.
Universal Postal UnionFood and Agriculture OrganizationSwitzerlandWorld Health Organization

Question 4: About 10% of carcinoids secrete excessive levels of a range of ________, most notably serotonin (5-HT), causing:
ProgesteroneTestosteroneHormoneEndocrine system

Question 5: This is due to the over-production of many substances, including serotonin, which is released into the systemic circulation, and which can lead to symptoms of cutaneous flushing, diarrhea, bronchoconstriction and right-sided ________ valve disease.
Lymphatic systemTorsoHeartCirculatory system

Question 6: Carcinoid (also carcinoid tumour or carcinoid tumor) is a slow-growing[1] type of ________, originating in the cells of the neuroendocrine system.
Neuroendocrine tumorAdenocarcinomaSquamous cell carcinomaBasal cell carcinoma

Question 7: Over two-thirds of carcinoid tumors are found in the ________.
PeritonitisColorectal cancerAscending cholangitisHuman gastrointestinal tract


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