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Carchemish: Quiz


Question 1: In the summer of 605 BC (or 607 BC by some sources), an important battle was fought there by the Babylonian army of ________ and that of Pharaoh Necho II of Egypt and the remnants of the Assyrian army.
NabonidusNebuchadnezzar IINevi'imNineveh

Question 2: 2300 BC (Early ________).
Ancient Near EastBronze Age BritainDeverel-Rimbury cultureBronze Age

Question 3: While the Hittite empire fell to the Sea Peoples during the ________, Carchemish survived the Sea People's attacks to continue to be the capital of an important "Neo-Hittite" kingdom in the Iron Age, and a trading center.
Bronze Age collapseApennine cultureUrnfield cultureAncient Near East

Question 4: Carchemish (called Europus by the Greco-Romans) was an important ancient city of the Mitanni, ________ and Neo Assyrian Empires, now on the frontier between Turkey and Syria.

Question 5: In the 9th century BC, the city paid tribute to Kings Ashurnasirpal II and Shalmaneser III of ________, and was conquered by Sargon II in 717 BC, in the reign of King Pisiris.
BabyloniaSumerAssyriaAkkadian Empire

Question 6: Around the end of the reign of Pharaoh ________, Carchemish was captured by king Suppiluliuma I of the Hittites (ca.
TutankhamunAmenhotep IIIAkhenatenNefertiti

Question 7: 730s), the last king, defeated in 717 by ________.
Sargon IISennacheribEsarhaddonAshurbanipal

Question 8: Carchemish is now an extensive set of ruins, located on the West bank of Euphrates River, about 60 km southeast of Gaziantep, Turkey and 100 km northeast of ________, Syria.

Question 9: These expeditions uncovered substantial remains of the Assyrian and Neo-Hittite periods, including defensive structures, temples, palaces, and numerous basalt statues and reliefs with ________ hieroglyphic inscriptions.
Iranian peoplesArmenian languageAnatolian languagesLuwian language

Question 10: ________ Thutmose I of the Eighteenth Dynasty erected a stela near Carchemish to celebrate his conquest of Syria and other lands beyond the Euphrates.
Amenhotep IIIHatshepsutAhmose IPharaoh


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