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Question 1: The process of carbon dioxide bubbling out of solution is generally represented by the following reaction, where a pressurized dilute solution of ________ in water releases gaseous carbon dioxide at decompression:
Carbonic acidCarbon suboxideAcetic acidCarbon monoxide

Question 2: However, in the case of Pepsi and ________, much of the perceived bite is due to phosphoric acid, an acid not known for fizz or changes in flavor profile due to changes in pressure.
Coca-ColaOK SodaInca KolaTab (soft drink)

Question 3: If you were to taste a flat soda at this pressure, you might experience a much different flavor profile as ________ has a low vapor pressure, and the only "bite" would come from other acids in the soda.
Carbonic acidCarbon dioxideCarbon monoxideAcetic acid

Question 4: This process yields the "fizz" to carbonated water, sparkling mineral water, and soft drinks; the head to ________; and the cork pop and bubbles to champagne and sparkling wine.
Alcoholic beverageBrewingBockBeer

Question 5: Some ________ solutions are carbonated to more effectively dissolve organic material.
Carpet cleaningDry carpet cleaningFloorclothRubia

Question 6: This can be shown by drinking a fizzy drink in a ________ at the same pressure as the beverage.
Diving chamberDecompression sicknessSaturation divingDive computer

Question 7: Carbonation occurs when ________ is dissolved in water or an aqueous solution.
Carbon dioxideCarbon cycleGreenhouse gasCarbon sink


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