Carbon-13: Quiz

Question 1:
What proceeded Carbon-13?
Justified by Justin Timberlake
Samuel Cornish
Fergus Falls

Question 2: The absorption and emission of the RF signal by the nuclei can be monitored and detected using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, most commonly known as ________.
Mössbauer spectroscopyEmission spectrumElectron paramagnetic resonanceNMR spectroscopy

Question 3: In biological NMR, ________ can be deliberately labelled with 13C (and usually nitrogen-15) to facilitate structure determination.

Question 4: A ________ of an organic compound will usually contain a small peak of one mass unit greater than the apparent molecular ion peak (M).
Mass (mass spectrometry)Tandem mass spectrometryMass spectrumMass spectrometry

Question 5: Deliberate increase of proportion of 13C in diet is the concept of i-food, a proposed way to increase ________.
LongevityMaximum life spanOldest peopleCentenarian

Question 6: In the following formula the result should be rounded to the nearest ________:
IntegerNatural numberRational numberField (mathematics)

Question 7: In addition, 13C is used to quantitate proteins (quantitative ________).
Systems biologyBioinformaticsGlycomicsProteomics

Question 8: This is achieved by growing microorganisms ________ to express the protein on a growth medium with 13C labeled glucose as the only carbon source.
GeneticsDNARNAGenetic engineering

Question 9: C = number of C atoms X = ________ of the M ion peak Y = amplitude of the M+1 ion peak
Measuring instrumentWaveAmplitudeCrest factor

Question 10: It makes up about 1.1% of all natural carbon on ________.

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