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Question 1: It also has multiple uses, including ________.
Catgut sutureICD-9-CM Volume 3Surgical sutureSurgery

Question 2: ________ and chitin are examples of structural polysaccharides.

Question 3: The 5-carbon monosaccharide ribose is an important component of coenzymes (e.g., ATP, FAD, and NAD) and the backbone of the genetic molecule known as ________.
RNASmall interfering RNANon-coding RNADNA

Question 4: Foods high in carbohydrates include breads, pastas, ________, potatoes, bran, rice, and cereals.
MaizeBeanCommon beanSoybean

Question 5: Ketohexose (Psicose, ________, Sorbose, Tagatose)

Question 6: [1] The word saccharide comes from the Greek word σάκχαρον (sákcharon), meaning "________".
SugarMetabolismHoneyHigh-fructose corn syrup

Question 7: If the carbonyl group is an ________, the monosaccharide is an aldose; if the carbonyl group is a ketone, the monosaccharide is a ketose.

Question 8: Saccharides and their derivatives include many other important ________ that play key roles in the immune system, fertilization, pathogenesis, blood clotting, and development.

Question 9: Monosaccharides are the major source of fuel for ________, being used both as an energy source (glucose being the most important in nature) and in biosynthesis.
3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA lyaseAmino acidMetabolismLipid metabolism

Question 10: Some of the main ________ that involve carbohydrates are:
Organic reactionOrganoselenium chemistryOrganoboron chemistryOrganocopper compound


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